Pick up the Pencils

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI hate to admit it, but I usually only draw when I am on vacation!  They say confession is good for the soul so I will tell you honestly: I am a lazy artist! LOL. I use TONS of graphics for my mixed media art like this Mermaid I finished yesterday, but I usually purchase digital downloads on Etsy.


My  watercolor pencil kit that is one of the first things that I put in my suitcase when I am heading out of town.  The little zippered case holds my watercolor pencils,  a package of watercolor postcards, pencil sharpener, fine watercolor brush, and a plastic lid deep enough for 1/4″ of water.  Sometimes I slip in pieces of 140lb watercolor paper the perfect size for bookmarks (with the hole already punched for a ribbon.)

My kit has been from Disneyland to Germany!  Confession #2: I HAVE to create something everyday, otherwise my brain might pop!

The beauty of the watercolor pencils is that they behave like a regular color pencil until you add a tiny bit of water and then there is MAGIC! The color comes alive as you coax it with your paintbrush strokes.  I usually don’t apply the water until I think the piece is good to go.  I wait until the piece is fully dry if I want to add more watercolor pencil.

Yesterday it was too hot for me to go for my walk and I was actually in the mood to draw!  So I dug around the studio to find an unfinished mermaid.  Her face, arms and torso were already covered in acrylic paint but I could use the  watercolor pencils for her hair and tail.


I was so relaxing to PLAY!  The hair gave me an opportunity to be free form, and the tail was a study in pattern.  I used five colors of pencil for the hair and three colors for the tail. Now I can scan her into my computer and use my own graphic for ONCE! teehee.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI came up with the idea for the bookmarks when I wanted a project to do with my grandchildren when I visited them.  My little kit was full of blank watercolor paper bookmarks and we spent a morning drawing and then “painting” them with the water.

My pencils are Derwent Brand that I purchased several years ago at Dick Blick.com. I became an affiliate with them because I wanted and easy way to guide folks to the products I actually have used all my art career.  In the 1990’s I would get a check from an art sale and spend the exact amount at Dick Blick getting new (to me) and exciting products plus stocking my studio with quality art supplies.

If you click on any products in my shopping list, you not only have the convenience of not having to search for it, but you can help me because I get paid for your clicks.  I think it is a happy circle, I offer inspiration and it costs you nothing to make some clicks for me.  YAY!

Shopping List:

Derwent Watercolor Pencils: Click HERE

Watercolor Postcards: Click HERE

Beginner Watercolor Brush Set: Click HERE

Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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