Woo Hoo Stampington’s 99Cents Back Issue Sale!

99 cents sale

Yikes, I had 297 emails in my inbox! With such a daunting task you know I had to put off sorting through them.  However, this weekend enough was enough!  I got myself a stiff cup of coffee and slogged through that task.  Click click click, delete, delete, delete. There, all the Zillow notifications were gone.  After 45 minutes I got to the Stampington email ….”Annual 99¢ and Up Back Issue Sale” WOO HOO! One click and I was in inspiration heaven!


Oh my goodness, I missed this issue.  I have a collection of at least 75 Stampington magazines but never saw the Transparent Art issue.  I clicked through the preview photos and I want this right NOW!  So this issue went into my cart at $1.99.

1SOM-GAL0702-Somerset-Studio-Gallery-Summer-2007-300x300 This issue went in my cart too,  I collect faces and I find it inspiring to study collage techniques of other artists.  This issue appears to have a lot of “people art”.  At 99 cents I need it!


I never have seen “Inspirations“! Of course I was attracted to the beach theme.  The Back Issue sale is on until October 2017, I might need to go back and add some more Inspiration issues to my cart!  99 cents!


Somerset Studio Gallery is my favorite publication from Stampington.  I have stacks of them in my cupboard.  I harvest faces, font, and clip up backgrounds for all kinds of projects and flip through them for themes and layout ideas. Cha ching, 99 cents.

I didn’t check to see what the price of this Green Craft magazine was because I purchased 4 copies of it when I was published in May 2017!  Getting published was something I got to cross off my bucket list.  I have purchased so many Stampington magazines through the years for inspiration and it was humbling to think I might actually be inspiration to someone else!

Now I have to sit and wait for the back issues to find their way to my mailbox.  The back issue sale will continue until October, get ’em while they’re HOT!

Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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