Woo Hoo Stampington’s 99Cents Back Issue Sale!

99 cents sale

Yikes, I had 297 emails in my inbox! With such a daunting task you know I had to put off sorting through them.  However, this weekend enough was enough!  I got myself a stiff cup of coffee and slogged through that task.  Click click click, delete, delete, delete. There, all the Zillow notifications were gone.  After 45 minutes I got to the Stampington email ….”Annual 99¢ and Up Back Issue Sale” WOO HOO! One click and I was in inspiration heaven on the cheap!



Oh my goodness, I missed this issue.  I have a collection of at least 75 Stampington magazines but never saw the Transparent Art issue.  I clicked through the preview photos and I want this right NOW!  So this issue went into my cart at $1.99.

1SOM-GAL0702-Somerset-Studio-Gallery-Summer-2007-300x300 This issue went in my cart too,  I collect faces and I find it inspiring to study collage techniques of other artists.  This issue appears to have a lot of “people art”.  At 99 cents I need it!



I never have seen “Inspirations“! Of course I was attracted to the beach theme.  The Back Issue sale is on until October 2017, I might need to go back and add some more Inspiration issues to my cart!  99 cents!


Somerset Studio Gallery is my favorite publication from Stampington.  I have stacks of them in my cupboard.  I harvest faces, font, and clip up backgrounds for all kinds of projects and flip through them for themes and layout ideas. Cha ching, 99 cents.

I didn’t check to see what the price of this Green Craft magazine was because I purchased 4 copies of it when I was published in May 2017!  Getting published was something I got to cross off my bucket list.  I have purchased so many Stampington magazines through the years for inspiration and it was humbling to think I might actually be inspiration to someone else!

Now I have to sit and wait for the back issues to find their way to my mailbox.  The back issue sale will continue until October, get ’em while they’re HOT! ( Stampington is one of my affiliates, if you click here this will take you to the “99 CENTS BACK ISSUE” sale link, if you find anything you can’t live without and purchase it I will get….TA DAH…. 3%! of your purchase.) Thanks!




Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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