24 wreath frames! It’s going to be a Wreathapalooza!   I opened my Dollar Tree box and there they were….all 24 wreath frames neatly stacked waiting for me to HAVE FUN!  If you Google “wreath” the pages go on for days which tells me that wreaths are still popular and I am going to have to think out of the box if I want to make something fresh and original!  OUT OF THE BOX???? I was born out of the box! LOL

I admit I don’t REALLY work, I play with ideas!  My container of copper foil tape was sitting in view and I thought….”would copper foil work on the wreath spine?  Well, it did! And I liked it.  Then I tried wire wrapping the shard shaped pieces to the frame until they wouldn’t budge.  Taking a few steps back for a look made me move forward to finish it.   If you follow me, you will see Wreathapalooza in your mail box again as this will be an ongoing post that I will add to as I make a new wreath.  We will end up with 24 brand new wreath ideas. I can’t imagine what is next, but it will be fun.

Number One

Dollar Tree Shells + Caspari Napkins + Dollar Tree Foam Core + ModPodge

Dollar Tree Frame + Dollar Tree Shells + Dollar Tree Foam Board+  Caspari Napkins

This is the first wreath!  Caspari Napkin Shell Wreath. I took it a few days after I dreamed it up to  Natural Nook Florist Shop in Gearhart.  I knew I had a hit by the reaction of the customers who were disappointed the wreath was only my prototype.  These will be featured in my Merry Mermaid Booth at the Artisan Gift Fair in November.  You can also find them at Natural Nook.

Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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