Tweet Tweet!


Tweet Tweet? Okay they can’t tweet but these tin birds can make you smile and maybe even give you an encouraging thought.  I found a really cute and colorful tin bucket to add to my collection at a garage sale this weekend.  I have already started to cut it up with my trusty tin snips.


I sell the Tin Birds at Sunrose Gallery.  When I make up a batch I make 30 at a time with every piece lined up for mass production.


I print out bird heads on heavy card stock.  Hot glue holds everything together. I enjoy decorating the fronts with found objects.


I add a popsicle piece to support the card stock because humidity sometimes causes the paper bird head to curl.  I cover the bird head with a thick coat of Diamond Glaze so it is sturdy and shiny to match the gloss of the tin pieces.  I have one tip when making the Tin Birds: clean the back of the tin pieces with acetone to remove all traces of oil.  Don’t use the acetone on the fronts because it will harm the finish of the paint.

Tin Birds

I cut a 13 inch piece of annealed 16gauge wire and make a loop in the middle attaching it to the back with a piece of paper.  On goes an encouraging  word and another bird is ready to inspire the world!

Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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