The Little Things

The Mermaid in Me Earring Card

I “wasted” time today!  But I needed new earring cards for my new line of earrings: “The Mermaid In Me”.  It feels like I am wasting time when I sit at the computer for an hour or two or THREE!  Earring cards are the LITTLE THINGS that add polish and make your earrings a more finished product.  I admit I like to play with designing :  )

OrnateVintageLabelsI get digital downloads from Etsy so I wanted to play with a frame I already had.

earring label ideaI love the romance of this frame!  So I centered it on a rectangle “new image” so the frame shape was gone and it looks more “artsy”.

mermaid for tuna can 001


mermaids to clean

I cleaned the edges and turned it into a PNG. Then was time to insert the mermaid image into the cropped rectangle image.

trying earring label idea

I added “The Mermaid in Me” in my favorite new font.

twitter sampler

I have cool photo software that lets you change the hue of the image.

I work backwards sometimes.  When I am stuck deciding which colors to use or can’t decide which direction to go I will let the color of the leftover earring cards decide for me as I make something to match the card.

Hopefully I will be happy with these!

Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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