Vintage Seaside, Oregon Postcard Night Light Box

Vintage Postcard transferred to vellum Paper Light Box

I love vellum paper!  It can be tricky to run through the inkjet printer, but with a few tricks you can make a night light box using any photo.

BOX BONANZA from Dollar Tree and garage sales!

I found the box and the LED tea lights at Dollar Tree and already  had  the image of a vintage Seaside, Oregon postcard scanned into my computer.  The trick using vellum is to double stick tape it to some card stock.  That makes the vellum stiff enough to go through the inkjet printer without bunching.  Another tip:  handle the print carefully because it takes about 3 minutes to fully dry.


Discard the box lid and cut the vellum image so 1/2 inch of the clear paper is left on each side to fold over the side of the box.  Hot glue the vellum sides and cover with ribbon or scrapbooking paper.

Cover the vellum edges with ribbon or scrapbooking paper


Night Light Box


I punched a hole in the back of the box and hot glued a LED tea light so the light bulb shines where the sunset is happening by Tillamook Head.  The vintage image looks very romantic with the soft light.

The night light box cost $3.00 to make!  The light box can have a wintery Christmas scene, a romantic sunset selfie, the sky is the limit!



Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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    1. No I poked a hole in the back of the box and hot glued the tea light to the back so you can still change the batteries, just the bulb is poking through the hole in the box. I should take a photo of the back and post it on the blog so folks can see.

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