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Goodwill Store Upcycles

What would I do without my Goodwill Store?  The garage sale season is winding down for the fall.  I buy jars and vases of jewelry that they display in the front glass case.  The jars are filled with tangled necklaces and one of a kind earrings.   Not  long ago, I got a mayonnaise jar full of metal crosses for $13.00!

I need necklaces for the Christmas bazaars I have signed up for.  Each of these beauties take less than a half hour to make plus they are fun.  I dump all my supplies on the table and sort them according to color.


I covered the base of this pendant necklace with opaque alcohol ink in two colors and used E6000 to attach two earring findings.  One was a faux emerald, the other half of a hoop earring.



I covered the wooden pendant with textured acrylic paint and clipped on the purple glass bead.  Easy!


This is one of the crosses in the mayo jar.  I used the Dremel to cut off the bottom member of the cross and sanded it smooth.  A rhinestone brooch and the gold corner was attached with E6000.  I like mixing metals and bring them together by mixing metals in the chains.


I used a pendant base from the Goodwill jar and cut up an amber rhinestone brooch attaching them with E6000.  The “Saturn” is an key fob ornament for a vintage car.


Another wood pendant covered with a beaded hoop earring with a brass sun brooch attached with E6000.

I cut all necklace chains into 4-5 inch lengths and “mix and match” them with sturdy jump rings.  I use the chains to “tie together” the pendant collage.  I named my necklaces “Collage Necklaces.”  Thanks, Goodwill!


Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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  1. I am so excited I found you! Lol! I’ve seen so many inspiring posts, with actual easy step by step, and not the usual over details, bc I am way too detail oriented and a direction follower, so when some Crafters use exact this and that’s, I get stuck, bc well, I don’t have THAT particular piece, so now what? And, I end up putting it all away, too overwhelmed to bother. With your diy instructions, it’s alllll open to the readers own imagination. I know some tutorials will say use what u have, but bc I get caught up in details and ha ING it come out just right, I get stuck! Lol, I can’t explain it exactly, but I hope you know what I mean. Your diys just work in my brain! I wish I didn’t have this ginormous pile of laundry to do first, bc I would be pulling out, & dusting off my 6-8 totes filled with alll my jewelry organizer containers that I grabbed up at various thrifts, filled to brim with a ton, almost literally, of vintage jewelry & trinkets, not to mention the 2 double shoe box containers full of vintage beads, & the large container full of vintage necklaces I haven’t even taken apart yet… Lol, so, as u can see, I’ve been dying to turn them all into something, but like I said above, I get stuck, and pack it all away, into the back of the closet for another day. Well, this is that day! After the laundry, of course! Lol! Well, maybe during, haha!!! Can’t just wear upcycled jewelry, now can we?! Lol! 😉 Not unless you have some tutorials on how to upcycled vintage trinkets into clothes…? Lol! Kidding! Can’t wait to be able to look thru more! Oh, and I found your blog on the All Free Crafts blog, in the upcycle (I’m not sure exactly what they call the upcycle one, but if you go to all free crafts, you’ll be able to find it… I know I’ve commented on other blogs posts about finding them there, & they didn’t know someone had recommended one of their posts to them. They link directly to your blog, thankfully, and I believe it was a napkin shell wreath they featured in their top ten today. Anyway, thanks again for sharing your knowledge, & in the way you do! Truly inspiring!

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