Peace and Goodwill Store

Goodwill Store Upcycles

What would I do without my Goodwill Store?  The garage sale season is winding down for the fall.  I buy jars and vases of jewelry that they display in the front glass case.  The jars are filled with tangled necklaces and one of a kind earrings.   Not  long ago, I got a mayonnaise jar full of metal crosses for $13.00!

I need necklaces for the Christmas bazaars I have signed up for.  Each of these beauties take less than a half hour to make plus they are fun.  I dump all my supplies on the table and sort them according to color.


I covered the base of this pendant necklace with opaque alcohol ink in two colors and used E6000 to attach two earring findings.  One was a faux emerald, the other half of a hoop earring.



I covered the wooden pendant with textured acrylic paint and clipped on the purple glass bead.  Easy!


This is one of the crosses in the mayo jar.  I used the Dremel to cut off the bottom member of the cross and sanded it smooth.  A rhinestone brooch and the gold corner was attached with E6000.  I like mixing metals and bring them together by mixing metals in the chains.


I used a pendant base from the Goodwill jar and cut up an amber rhinestone brooch attaching them with E6000.  The “Saturn” is an key fob ornament for a vintage car.


Another wood pendant covered with a beaded hoop earring with a brass sun brooch attached with E6000.

I cut all necklace chains into 4-5 inch lengths and “mix and match” them with sturdy jump rings.  I use the chains to “tie together” the pendant collage.  I named my necklaces “Collage Necklaces.”  Thanks, Goodwill!


Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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