To Bead or Not to Bead

Beads Inspire ME!

Before I quit my day job as a dental assistant I didn’t have to plan what I was going to do everyday.  Now that I am a full time artist serendipity decides my schedule.  I sell items in five local shops and I have two Etsy shops: LittleLaLaOriginals and WhimziVille.  I have set WhimziVille on the back burner until January when I have big plans for my greeting cards and art prints.  My other shop, LittleLaLaOriginals has suffered for lack of attention and my stained glass and driftwood valance inventory is down.  Since the valances show off much better in sunlight I have made a plan to make valances if the weather report is SUNNY!

Sunshine is a rare commodity here at the North Coast of Oregon in the winter, or ANYTIME actually.  So I have been cutting glass, washing glass, copper foiling glass and having so much fun designing my OOAK stained glass valances.  These are the ones I have made so far this week.



Today I have decided to use up a lot of old beads since I have a huge box of them coming UPS this week.  I have a light box very similar to the one we put the x-rays on at my former dental office.  It makes the beads spring to life and they become VERY inspiring!


I plan to empty this container this week and am working on using up all the brown and copper tone beads also.  Here is a sample of the “bead strands” in the brown/copper tones.


The weatherman says sunny all week, so I will stay focused and play with my beads and stained glass!



























































Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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