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I started my line of “Chatty Patty” greeting cards last year and have a new vision for them for 2018.  This post is supposed to be about Christmas…I have a line-up of DIY Christmas ideas to blog…… but I have cards on the brain this morning!


I made this 10 x 10 collage which sold in September and so I am making another one to put in my Etsy Shop WhimziVille unless Sunrose Gallery wants it for their wall.  Since I had the elements for the tree and leaves set aside I decided to use them as the base for a greeting card yesterday.

etsy blown

I love how the card turned out and discovered it was easy to get a listing photo for my Etsy shop if I used my computer scanner with the card and envelope on the glass platen.  Since I didn’t want one lonely card in my Etsy shop, I picked out my favorite Chatty Patty’s and scanned to my hearts content.

etsy bullet


etsy new friendsetsy most your fault

etsy one is right

It is pretty easy to think of the sassy cards because all I have to do is think of what I would say to Candace Elaine or Taylor Sue.  Those are two friends who can dish out some silliness as well as they can take it.  My vision for 2018 is cards based on my recent Bible study in 2Peter, so I need to get a ton of cardstock!

P.S.  Debra at Nana’sWorldWeb asked:

That is so awesome, Patty!  How does it work?  I always wondered how it would work on Etsy if you had your cards printed by Zazzle or some other company   😀 Debra

exact size crazy happy


I print out the card on 110lb cardstock and trim off one inch on the bottom, 1/2 inch on the top and the sides with my paper trimmer.  Then fold it with a bone folder for a crisp fold.  I try to match the card colors with a matching envelope and tuck them in a cello bag.

I make the exact image 5 x 7 and center the photo of “Chatty Patty” at exactly 3 inches into the card.  I use two photo software products, Microsoft Picture It! and Fastone Image to edit the cards and for layout.

Hope that helps!




Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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  1. That is so awesome, Patty! Do you print your cards yourself or do you have them printed somewhere else? I always wondered how it would work on Etsy if you had your cards printed by Zazzle or some other company 😀 Debra


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