A New Year!


Happy New Year!  I have returned from vacation renewed and inspired with new ideas and lots of plans.  When I was younger I did the resolution thing.  Now I treat the New Year sort of like changing the sheets, it’s a fresh start and feels good.

I can’t ever remember having a “life change” courtesy of January 1st.  The most recent REAL life change resulted from a reality check photograph.  That photo gave me the determination to walk three miles everyday.  Four years later I am 40 pounds lighter.  WHEW!

So what am I excited about? This year I want to market Chatty Patty Greeting Cards, and make more Christian themed art including brand new Desk Dollies.  So I will load up my WhimziVille Etsy Shop with inspiring new Scripture themed items.

Repurposed Gift Box Inspirational “Desk Dollies”

Today I investigated three greeting card companies that accept submissions: Leaning Tree Cards, Calypso Cards, and Artists to Watch.  I have wanted to create greeting cards all my life!  It would be amazing to be a part of a real greeting card company…..fingers crossed.

I have filled my WhimziVille Etsy shop with new Christian themed greeting card designs that were inspired by my Mom.  I printed out a stack of them to surprise her for Christmas and was thrilled she loved them.

etsy be still


etsy joyfuletsy let goSunrose Gallery is a local shop that sells my art, I plan to make them some new high end stained glass chandelier lamps plus new upcycled shrines and collages.  I can hardly wait for garage sales so I can find cool stuff to repurpose!!!

I am most excited about my new Desk Dollies idea!  They are really fun to make and they are stretching my drawing skills because I eventually want all their faces to be my original creations.  I found a really nice book at Michael’s :  Jane Davenport’s “Beautiful Faces” mixed media portrait workshop.

PART_1514773887015_PART_1514773885125_.IMG_20171231_183033 (1)

OMG!  It took hours and hours and lots of wasted watercolor paper to finally be able to produce this face.  When she was finished I imagined her saying ” I know life is hard, just hang on because someday you are going to wear a crown.”

Looking back to 2017, I can see that I grew up a little more!  I discovered when I count my blessings and thank the Lord for each one from the bottom of my heart something wonderful happens.  Freshness in my spirit literally bubbles up.

Sometimes I find a scripture that captures my attention and I can’t quit reading it because I want it to “sink in.” This past fall,  I have been captivated by 2 Peter 1.  Wowzers!  I can already feel attitudes and opinions changing plus I have new spiritual pictures that are helping me take what I read and use it to grow.

2 Peter 1 Inspiration

2018 I want to make art that demonstrates 2 Peter 1.  Believe me, studying scripture changes you.  I have a philosophy to “practice what I post”  so 2018 will be a year of discovery and surprises held together with hot glue and decorated with a generous helping of glitter!



Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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