Silverplate and Sass


Junk Jewelry Sugar Bowl Doll

What do you do when you find a dusty box of old sugar bowls in the closet?  Well, you make some Junk Jewelry Sugar Bowl Dolls!  It was fun to dream up an idea to use them all plus it was an  opportunity to use up a lot of old necklaces and miscellaneous junk in my Repurposing Supplies drawers.



My idea was to drill two holes in the sugar bowls and use a piece of wire to hold a sparkly beaded necklace securely.  It is REALLY easy to drill a hole with a Dremel or battery operated drill in vintage silver plate.


I ran a wire from the front to the inside trapping the necklace with the wire and “swirled” the wire to stay on both sides of the sugar bowl.


I gather all my chains and supplies and sort them according to theme or color. Next,   snip the chains in to pieces with wire cutters.  Use a piece of wire to attach each necklace chain  to the beaded necklace that is attached to the sugar bowl.  Then attach a fun charm or object to the other end of the necklace chain.   Easy!  The necklace chains simulate her skirt.  I used a variety of charms and stray items such as calligraphy pen nibs.



I used a flat glass marble on a clip art face for her head.  Hot glue secured some lace for a hat and I added a ribbon rose plus a rhinestone earring and a feather for sass.



I like the sentiment “Life is a Dance” and embossed that on a piece of my new “best friend”  ArtEmboss copper.  Another popular sentiment ….”I Hope You Dance” made sense to put on the back side.




The first doll was so fun to make I gathered the supplies to make two more dolls!


The “Queen of All that Matters” has colorful cocktail animals, keys, bells and features a pretty rhinestone necklace cut in pieces.  I embossed a strip of ArtEmboss with the phrase and antiqued it with a felt pen.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis sweet doll sits on a fabulous candlestick that I actually got for 25 cents at a garage sale last fall.  I used pretty green glass beads and gold accents.  The focal point at the front is a pretty enamel butterfly pendant.  Her sentiment is “Make a nest for your Soul.”


Guess it’s a good idea to clean out the attic sometimes!


Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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