Somethings (Jelly) Fishy!

Repurposed Sugar Bowl Jelly Fish

I am using up all my silver plate sugar bowls.  I won an Ebay auction last year and got 23lbs of silver plate stuff.  WHEW!  I tucked the box in the attic and forgot about it until recently.  I made these cute art dolls with some of the sugar bowl collection:


Sugar Bowl Art Dolls

One of the sugar bowls reminded me of a jelly fish when it was upside down and since I have a new  package of paper clay I had nothing to lose trying to make one!



The sugar bowl needed a little help to be rounded so I covered it with some masking tape.


Don’t tell my husband I used his prize Oregon Ducks Duct Tape!  I used several layers of duct tape and then drilled a hole in the top.  Silver plate is REALLY easy to drill through.


I also drilled four holes and attached two pieces of 20 gauge wire to hold the jelly fish ribbons.  Also, make a hanger for the center of the sugar bowl by inserting a wire and curling each end so the wire is secure for attaching a hanger later.




Next, cover the sugar bowl with about 1/4″ of paper clay making it as smooth as possible.  Let dry overnight. Then paint with some white acrylic craft paint and let dry.



I love pearls and baubles, and like to add texture.  They are attached to the wires that run through.



I found a lot of ribbon trims at a garage sale last year so I cut pieces various lengths and made a shank of cotton twine in the center.  This faux jelly fish would be a good way to use up ribbon!  I want to make some colorful jellyfish soon with that idea in mind.


After attaching the jelly fish ribbons, cut a piece of sturdy twine and thread it through the wire swirl at the top of the jelly fish to hang.

Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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