The Whole Zoo!

“The Whole Zoo” Mixed Media Assemblage

I look for any excuse to make cages!  They are really easy to make plus they are fun.  I needed to empty a ziplock bag of Red Rose Tea figurines that fit the zoo theme.  I love the sentiment: ” Forget the butterflies, I feel the whole zoo when I’m with you”.



Scrapbook paper, 2″ punch, 20 gauge wire, 16 gauge annealed wire copper foil tape, acrylic craft paints, zoo animals, wood base, some small wooden beads, diamond wrap ribbon , copper ArtEmboss , paint pens.  I had a nice piece of driftwood that I found on the beach.


Set out the figurines to help plan the design.


Use copper foil tape to divide the sections to paint.


Have fun painting!




Punch two pieces of scrapbook paper and hot glue the centers being careful not to get hot glue where you will be punching.  Use a punch or poke with an awl 12 holes like a clock.  Cut 6 pieces of 20 gauge wire 6 inches long and curl one end.  Thread 6 wires through the scrapbook circle and thread a wooden bead into the center.  Glue on your zoo figurine.  Then thread the other wires into the remaining 6 holes and curl the ends of the wire.  Press the “curls” flat and cover with another piece of scrapbooking paper.   Use a piece of faux rhinestone to cover the outside edge of the cage  for a finished look.  Decorate the tops of the cages by adding another piece of 20 gauge wire and glue on a paper pendant with a ribbon rose.


Use paint pens to decorate the base board and drill 5 holes.  Cut 16 gauge annealed black wire into 18-24″ pieces and curl the bottom and hot glue to the base.  Use a pencil to make “springs” in the wire and make the end into a large circle that you bend to a right angle.  Use hot glue and another circle of the scrapbook paper to attach the cage to the wire.  Vary the lengths of the cages.




Use a piece of ArtEmboss for the sign.  Use the stylus to write the words and antique the piece with felt pen and acetone.


“The Whole Zoo” Mixed Media Assemblage

Now I need to dream up another idea to use up the rest of the animals!

Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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