One Happy Crow

etsy crow

Recently I went on a trip and wanted something different to read on the flight home. Usually I buy a decorating magazine for color inspiration but I decided on a Popular Science.  I haven’t picked up that magazine since I was in high school and read my brother’s way back then!


The cover was intriguing and it was fun to read about crows.  After I read all the articles I did what it is my custom…. to tear out fonts and interesting images and deposit the magazine in the recycle bin.  I was inspired to use the crow image today with one of my favorite sayings in magazine fonts.



Step one is covering the 10 x 10 gallery wrapped canvas with acrylic paint, two colors give more dimension and add interest to the final picture even though it will be covered with magazine font.




While the paint is drying, I like to plan the picture and lay out all the elements.



I measured the pencil in the illustration and made a little slit in the upper beak so a print out of a French fry would look realistic.




When the paint was dry I started with colorful strips of magazine paper for a border around the picture.  Then used a glue stick to secure all the magazine fonts for the saying.  The crow was on cardstock which doesn’t adhere with glue stick, so I used hot glue to hold it in place.

This 10 x 10 canvas picture is in my Etsy Shop WhimziVille for sale but I thought it would be fun make this original piece of art available to you to print a copy of if you want one.  Just click on “Crow Printable” and print and cut out.


etsy crow








Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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