Eyeglass Case Upcycle


This little cross body upcycled eyeglass case shouts fun!  It took me a while to find the perfect eyeglass case that was deep enough and had a crisp “snap” when it opened and closed.




I got to shop at Pier One Imports the other day and picked up these darling napkins that are spring fresh.  When a napkin is decoupaged to the eyeglass case it makes  a durable finish.

One thing your eyeglass case has to have is a CRISP open and close….so it really has a snap to it.  THEN WHEN YOU ARE COVERING IT WITH THE NAPKIN, MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT PLACING GLUE or Mod Podge THAT LESSENS THE SNAP.

Supplies you need:

Eyeglass Case, Napkins, Mod Podge, Diamond Wrap, Necklace chain or purse handle you already have, D-ring hangers, hot glue sticks, and a button for decoration if you like.



After the Mod Podge IS dry, finish  the edges with a strip of red diamond wrap making sure that the bead of hot glue DOESN’T impede the crisp “snap” when the eyeglass case opened and closed.



The inside “sides” need to have an insert so the contents of the purse don’t fall out when it is opened.  Cut two triangles of napkin with the fold at the top.  Place a tiny dab of hot glue to “tack” the corner of the triangle at the bottom (folding the point under as shown in the finished side.) Then attach the sides of the napkin and cover the edges with a single strip of diamond wrap.  Notice that the end of the triangle is folded under so the hot glue isn’t seen.  IT IS IMPORTANT TO MAKE SURE YOUR HOT GLUE AT THE TRIANGLE POINT DOESN’T AFFECT THE SNAP OF THE CASE OPENING AND CLOSING.  With the purse open, carefully apply Mod Podge to these corner triangles on the outside and inside so the napkin will be like cloth when it is dry.

I attached heavy necklace chain with OOK small D-ring hangers that easily screwed in after I drilled two tiny holes on EACH SIDE OF THE EYEGLASS CASE with my Dremel .   After I opened the package of D-ring hangers, I “painted the bottom tab with  fingernail polish so it would blend with the napkin.  Then I painted the screw head red for a little pizzazz.


After the screw is in, cover with a bead to cover the screw.  I used a little plastic bead but a pony bead would work just as well.


 A big red button that adds to the whimsy!


Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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