Glitter Fairy Strikes Again!

“Glitter Fairy Strikes Again”

I love glitter.  It’s pretty normal for me to have some on my face!  If you stopped by my house for dinner, you would probably take a little speck or two home with you because glitter is hard to contain to my studio.



This calendar was in my last Garage Sale Report and I imagined a “Glitter Fairy” adding some shiny accents to “Starry Night” by Van Gogh as a mixed media piece of art.



I printed out a ballerina fairy digital download I got at an Etsy Shop and gathered matching glitter. The 10 x 10 canvas is the perfect size for the calendar page.



I cut the corners so they would neatly fold for a sharp corner.  I used glue to adhere the calendar page to the 10 x 10 canvas.  Calendars make a really a nice unexpected craft material!

“Glitter Fairy Strikes Again”

The glitter is applied sparingly and where it will make the greatest highlights. When applying different colors of glitter, it is important to WAIT until the last glitter you applied is completely dry. (I use a thin line of Elmer’s for the adhesive)

Since the ballerina fairy needs to stand out I covered her tutu with red and copper colored glitter and gave her an ArtEmboss crown.

I had the idea for her to hold a sign that said “Everything is better with glitter” but it didn’t fit well in to the whole picture, so I settled for an ArtEmboss banner that was embossed with the word “Shine”.

And she does and so does the repurposed calendar page!

“Glitter Fairy Strikes Again”

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Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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