Whimsical Faux Fruit Valance



Well, the garage sales were disappointing this weekend, I didn’t assemble a pile of fabulous potential makeovers. That got me digging in my supply drawers and one was stuffed to the brim with faux fruit, lemons, lime and orange slices.  Immediately I decided to make a faux fruit valance using them all up!

I have made many valances using faux fruit as an accent in my LittleLaLaOriginals shop in Etsy:




These are the supplies you need to make your own whimsical valance:


Faux fruit, small screw eyes, wood beads, 20 gauge colored wire, wire cutters, needle nose pliers, an awl, hot glue gun.

I am an affiliate with Amazon (that means if you click and purchase I get a few $$ and there is no extra charge to you) and I was happy to discover they have a good selection of faux fruit nowadays!  I had to really scour the internet the last time I bought some.

Step #1. After you assemble the fruit, decide on a pattern for your valance. I made some strands of lemon and lime slices, whole lemons, orange slices and lime slices and had some leftover wind chime pieces for the center focal point.

Step #2.  Poke a hole in the top and bottom of each piece with an awl.  NOTE: you won’t need to poke a hole in all the BOTTOM of the end pieces, only the ones who have something attached to their bottom. 


Step #3 & #4. Faux SLICES> Place an eye screw at the top and bottom of most of the pieces.  (Some end pieces don’t need an eye screw at the bottom.)  Then paint the eye screw a pretty color.  I use fast dry fingernail polish because it has an applicator brush, covers well, and dries fast (I am impatient!)

Faux LEMONS> remove the end stem which will leave a little hole.  Squirt hot glue in the hole and quickly insert an eye screw holding it until the hot glue has cooled.  Firmly holding the faux lemon, poke a hole in the bottom and repeat with a squirt of hot glue and hold until the eye screw is set in the hot glue.  (REMEMBER not all bottom of the fruit pieces need an eye screw)

Step #5.  Cut lengths of 20 gauge wire.  (I cut my lengths 3″ and 4″).  Start by making a loop at one end with a needle nose plier and use a small wood bead to start the “bead strand”.  After the wire is full of beads with 1/2″ left, curl the end into a loop with the pliers.


Step #6.  Assembling your “strands”.  To assemble, open each loop of the wire ends and close again after you add the faux fruit to it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis strand uses three lemons utilizing 5 eye screws and two bead strands.

This valance is truly OOAK and is a real showstopper.  I am listing a slightly larger version of this valance in my Etsy Shop this week.


I guess it is a good thing the garage sales let me down, now I have a cluttered drawer empty.  HMMMM what can I put in it?


Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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