Cavallini Poster Upcycle

Cavellini Poster Upcycle

Cavallini Posters are so vibrant and fun!  You can use them as posters or gift wrap and I think they are a cool craft material.  In the past, I used this sheet of Cavallini paper.

z blog cavelini doll

This Cavallini poster is discontinued, but you can still find it at garage sales and the occasional Etsy or Ebay shop.

former cavalinni

Years ago I transformed the individual desserts into paper dolls that could hang on the wall or sit on a shelf.  This is a photo of my stuff on a shelf at Sunrose Gallery in 2006 and the little Cavallini doll sat there so sweetly!

When I came across the discontinued poster I had to buy it and this time I was inspired to make more dolls, but use them as features in a collage.

Cavellini Poster Upcycle

I love whimsical sayings and fortunately there are lots of folks who like them too! The shape of the dessert definitely says “hips” after paper doll legs and arms are attached.  I used a magazine image for the face and made a silver scrapbook paper crown for a touch of whimsy.


The saying for this collage was inspired by the self inflicted deaths of two celebrities lately.  Life doesn’t always FEEL delicious, but it is very precious and fragile.  I have discovered the pain I endure makes me have more depth spiritually and emotionally.  When I endure horrible circumstances and pain it changes me, it crushes pride (which is a good thing!)  and increases my dependence on my Heavenly Father.  I have had my share of dark days, even so, life is delicious!

After I made my two collages I was curious if anyone in Goggle-land had repurposed the Cavallini poster and I actually found a website that had not only repurposed them, but were offering them as a free printable.….click on the photo and it will take you there!

 freubels freebies


Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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