Garage Sale Report #7 Before


We had a lot of garage sales this weekend and I gathered some really cool stuff! This photo is actually what I gathered last weekend, but I forgot to show you because I was so excited to start the “I Love you to the Beach and Back” sign that I already showed in a post.

I am going to make the oyster shell wind chime with the tv commercial tulip bulb digger (that you put on a drill motor to drill holes.)

The majority of my finds last week went on the 40 x 30 canvas picture “I Love you to the Beach and Back.  I was especially happy to find the little green alien to represent the letter “A”.

40 x 30 CANVAS

This week I went to sales on Friday and Saturday:


I plan to turn the ukulele (which was in the FREE PILE!) into a piece of patriotic wall art.

I have always wished I could figure how to make a driftwood picture easel/stand that would actually not fall apart.  Instead of making one out of driftwood, I am going to experiment covering it with driftwood and/or shells for a beachy piece of art.

I am going to make a new lighted piece similar to the EAT sign I made for my kitchen:

40 x 30 EAT SIGN

Instead of “EAT” it will say BEACH HOUSE.  The purple glasses will be the “B” for B-E-A-C-H  H-O-U-S-E and some of the patriotic necklaces will be the letters.  The can of sardines might end up being a doll that philosophizes about there are more “Fish In The Sea”.



Today I got the pile of Legos to make a window valance similar to one I made years ago and sold in my Etsy Shop: LittleLaLaOriginals.


I used up all my kids Legos from the 70’s that I found in the attic in that valance! The string lights will go on the BEACH HOUSE picture.

There’s my garage sale report….it will be a fun week of upcycling and repurposing!

Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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