Sassy Cat Mixed Media

cat feature

I had no hesitation grabbing this cat calendar page at a recent estate sale because it was the perfect size for my 10 x 10 wrapped canvases.  I have a stack of those in my studio and this cat was just waiting to be included in a whimsical mixed media piece.


I have never been the owner of a cat, but many of my friends and family have been so I know the sentiment on this canvas is true!  Cats have an attitude like no other animal and it is sure entertaing to observe.  I follow one blogger who reports on the hilarious adventures of her cat + a stuffed toy panda bear.  If you evern need a giggle check out Nana’s  Whimsical World.

I suspect the person who purchases this mixed media will be a cat owner or it will be given as a gift to one.


HINT:  I used two types of scissors to cut out the cat.  When cutting out an image that has textured places instead of using regular paper cutting scissors I use DECKLE paper edgers, that brings an element of texture and reality to the picture. I used regular straight edge scissors for the ears, but deckle paper edgers for the rest of the cat.



I am so happy with the result of paper transfers for the background I am willing to put up with the wait.  (I you knew how impatient I am to wait for paint to dry you would know this is a big deal.  LOL)  Paper transfer works best on inkjet printer images so I printed out some digital scrapbook paper I already had in my computer files.



Put a good coat of gel medium….at least you don’t have to wait for THAT to dry before you apply the paper! teehee


 Right away place your inkjet image on the gel medium and press down making sure there are no air bubbles.  Set aside the canvas until it is completely dry (overnight is best)


After the piece is completely dry, run it under warm water and soak off the paper gently rubbing it away in the water stream until no more paper comes off.

Let the canvas dry completely and then you can decorate it.  In this case I had the best saying “Dogs have masters,  cats have staff”.  I hoard magazine fonts and have a plastic case full of whimsical fonts.  I used hot glue or Aleene’s Tacky Glue to secure the letters to the canvas.  This mixed media turned out so  whimsical and fun and someday will find a home with a cat lover!

Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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