Believing in Tomorrow


You already know I collect phrases if you have read many of my blog posts!  I found this saying and immediately thought: crocus!  I remember many spring days (that still felt like winter), when the pretty crocus flowers bravely bloomed even with some leftover snow in the flower bed.

I hear this is the perfect time to plant some crocus bulbs if you want to have them blooming in the spring.  It takes planning ahead to have a pretty flower bed!


I love the romance of this saying and I admit I never would have thought up the phrase on my own.  I don’t think in philosophical terms!

It was fun to make this 10 x 10 wrapped canvas mixed media.  I am totally addicted to making gel transfers, so I printed out an inkjet photo of some crocus and transfered it to the canvas.  (If you want further information type in “gel transfer” in my search box, I have several step by step tutorials.)

I applied some pretty lavender acrylic paint and Ranger Stickles swirls and got out my magazine fonts to spell out the phrase.


I admire all gardeners!  This mixed media piece is in honor of you!

Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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  1. Hi Patty – I used to do a daily thought when I still worked on site … in those days we didn’t have internet, but something called “Pine e-mail” … just inner office use and it was the first time we could communicate without using paper memos at our law firm. I used to send out a daily quote every morning to co-workers – I would tear quotes out of magazines, newspapers and my mom drank tea and got me some quotes from the teabag tea tags. We’d go to little country stores and they had these perpetual calendars with a quote a day … I still have a basketful of those quote books in my basement. Then we got Windows at work and I finally got a computer – I waited until after Y2K after hearing all the dire warnings about what would happen on 01/01/2000 and the great quotes were just a mouse click away. A fellow blogger has quotes mostly every day and she intertwines them with the products she sells … she started a business of creating things from repurposed wood … I love quotes and have used them in my blog too. Here is Sarah’s blog if you want to see some more quotes … she has mostly quotes, sometimes a little narrative along with them.

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