Enjoyment is Not a Waste of Time


It started when I counted how many watches I have collected at garage sales.  I figured I better come up with an idea to use them because the pile was too big for the container they belong in.



I had a sturdy candy box that I painted to cover the writing on the back.

I really liked the phrase I got in my “Good Thoughts” bottle:



The words “time” and “enjoying” jumped out at me.  Don’t ask me how, but I saw watch balloons!




I got out my trusty Art Emboss and made a piece that was large enough to cover the pegs on the watch.



Wa Lah!  A watch balloon.  LOL. 

I think the last time I held a bouquet of balloons was at my retirement party in 2005.  You just don’t see adults walking around with a balloon in their hand.  Just the thought of seeing a grown adult walking around with a balloon makes me giggle.

When my kids were growing up, one of their favorite places to go was the local pizza parlor because there was an umbrella stand full of balloons on a stick and we didn’t leave without each of them getting one in their favorite color.  They enjoyed and appreciated those free balloons.  Children know how to enjoy.

We could learn something from balloon loving children because sometimes we get so focused on life we forget to enjoy it.  I have lived at the beach on the North Coast of Oregon since 2005.  One thing I determined was to not quit enjoying the beach.  I am amazed how many folks who live here don’t get down to the beach!

Since I retired from my day job my days are saturated with enjoyment.  I enjoy my Bible reading time every day!  I REALLY enjoy my 3 mile walk every day when I have a satisfying conversation with my Mom.  I enjoy creating and writing about it my blog.  And I have learned to enjoy an afternoon nap.

Enjoyment takes time and focus.  We can get so busy that life seems to pass by in a whirl….enjoyment stops the merry go round and we can breathe in satisfaction about life.  Even if everything is not perfect.  No matter your schedule don’t waste your time by never enjoying it.  Ya Hear???  LOL

Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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