Candy Corn Crown


candy new


Folks down the street already have their ghostly decorations out in the front yard.  I suspect they just have fun decorating because they go all out for Christmas too.  We don’t decorate for Halloween, but we always have a big bowl of treats to hand out.  When we leave for our nightly walk we leave the bowl out  (honor system) with instructions for the kids to take two.

I guess I am ready to pass out the trick or treats with this Candy Corn Queen crown.  I already had the candy corn beads which inspired me to make some printouts from cardstock and add crepe paper ruffles to some of the sides.


candy corn printout

A toothless headband is the base of the crown.  Mine started out white and I  covered the outside with black permanent ink felt pen.


After cutting out the candy corn pieces, put pieces of double stick tape on the back sides and top and attach ruffled crepe paper to the double stick tape.

Next use hot glue to attach each  paper candy corn piece to the head band with the largest piece in the center.

Put candy corn beads on gold cord and use hot glue to attach them so they will be close to the temple of your head.

Finally, print out a Halloween-y font on cardstock that says “Candycorn Queen”.




I got this Halloween font at 1001 


candy new

This crown would be great for a child’s costume too if they had orange and yellow sweats on!  It will be fun to hear the kids say “Trick or Treat”.


Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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