Warm Winter Clock!


Don’t throw that sweater away, it can be used to make a OOAK clock for yourself or to give away!  I made this for my “Featured Artist” show for Sunrose Gallery’s December First Saturday ArtWalk.  My theme is “It’s a One of a Kind Christmas” and this sweater clock certainly fits the bill.

I love all things whimsical and a warm winter clock is fun and silly but practical too.  It is super easy to make with a sweater that is ready to toss, some sharp scissors, a staple gun, and a canvas picture frame (I got mine at the Dollar Store).


I had a collection of old black unmatched buttons, but felted wool balls or chunky beads would look great. You can decorate with anything you want or leave the sweater undecorated.


When you cut the sweater, leave about 3 inches extra for each side.  I didn’t pull tightly when I wrapped the sweater on the canvas.  The important thing is to make sure the sweater pattern is evenly centered.  After the pattern is centered start stapling the sweater to the canvas.  Turn the piece over often to make sure the pattern is straight.

After the material is stapled all around, trim the two extra inches off and cut off the extra at each corner and re-staple it flat at each corner.

Click and Print:

sweater clock face.jpg

Print out the clock face on heavy cardstock paper and cut out. Use hot glue to adhere the clock face to the sweater making sure none of the hot glue is covering the center of the clock face so you can easily punch a hole for the clock works.

Punch a hole with an awl and use a pencil to make the hole big enough for the clock works.  Assemble the clock works per manufacturers instructions.


You can decorate the sweater clock with buttons or felted wool balls, just make sure they are out of the way of the clock hands.  My black clock hands got lost on the sweater, so I used a gold felt pen to make the ends of the hands stand out.

There, now you have a warm winter clock, the only one in the world!  LOL!

Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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