Upcycled Canadian Maple Leaf Ornament


The theme of my December First Saturday Art Walk Featured artist show is “It’s a One of a Kind Christmas.” I thought it would be fun to make some Canadian themed Christmas ornaments to add to the darling tree Sunrose Gallery puts up every year. So I made just one of an upcycled Coke can ornament in the shape of the Canadian Maple Leaf.

Coke cans are so easy to work with and since it is red and white, I think it works!


The can is easy to cut.  I start with the wire cutters to get through the top rim. Scissors slice through the can body.  I cut off the top and the bottom to leave a nice piece to work with.  The can is big enough for the front and back of the ornament.

I used the same pattern for this ornament as I did for one I featured a few days ago. If you want to make this ornament for yourself, click and print on the pattern.

Step One:  Print out pattern and cut out.

Step Two: Use the pattern to cut out a front and back from the Coke can.

Step Three: Cut a piece of  cord and attach it to one of the top pieces with hot glue to make a hanger.

Step Four: Use hot glue in small sections and hold each section until the glue has cooled.

Step Five:  Apply glitter glue (I like Rangers Brand Stickles) to the edge.

click and print:

maple leaft tartan pdf photo front
maple leaft tartan pdf photo back

I have one more Canadian Maple Leaf ornament idea…but my cookie cutter hasn’t arrived yet!

Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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