“Be Amazing” Mixed Media Inspiration

“Be Amazing” Mixed Media 5 x 7

Whew, it’s over.  I have been working non-stop on Christmas ideas for my Featured Artist this Saturday December 1.  Now I am finally free to have fun making some mixed media pieces.


I have a box full of images that I rip….I mean clip….from magazines.  Today I sat down and sorted them into piles of flowers, birds, clocks, hearts, owls…etc.  As I was sorting I came across this maze and the title “BE AMAZING” popped into my head.  LOL


When I sort, I set aside similar colors so that is how this collage came together.  A few years ago I purchased famous women USPS stamps and this is my last Audrey Hepburn stamp.  It is amazing how her face fit the pretty dress image!

I hate to put too much meaning into my creations, I like to leave that for the imagination of the person who buys it.  The clock probably has the most meaning for me because I am seriously impatient! And I can totally identify with life being a maze!  When you reach a dead end if you know life it is a maze you don’t throw a tizzy fit, you simply back track and try a new path.

After a lifetime of traversing the maze of life some folks end up sour and worn out, but others have fresh happy spirits.  It is refreshing to be around them.  Like my Mom who is 86 years old.  She was a widow at 26 years of age with three children, she has conquered the maze with the help of The Lord and the Bible has been her map!  She is the best example of AMAZING I know. Thanks Mom!

“Be Amazing” Mixed Media 5 x 7



Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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