Free Printables for Easy Art!

Free Printables for Easy Art

I admit it, I am a book cannibal!  The book about antique French design where I got these images is so cut up I can’t even give it credit.  I have cut out so many pages because when I discover cool images I scan them into my computer so I can use them again and again.



This easy piece is something I make over and over again for Sunrose Gallery.  I paint the 10 x 10 canvas with acrylic paint in the colors of the season and attach the cardstock flatware that is glittered. Then I print out the tags on vellum paper and glitter the edges before I tie them to the flatware with pretty silver cord.





I use Ranger Stickles glittler glue to sparingly decorate the flatware.  It is important to preserve the black shadows.  I apply some Stickles to the top of the knife blade and smooth it all over the blade so it is thin and even and then sprinkle a little extra fine silver glitter so the detail of the knife still shows through.  I use that technique for the bowl of the spoon too.  When applying the glitter, less is best.

Free Printables for Easy Art

Swirls have become a signature for me.  They are super easy to make if you use Ranger Stickles glitter glue.  If you are hesitant to go freestyle, you can use a invisible ink pen from the fabric store (to mark hems) and practice without ruining the canvas.

This piece is so fast and easy and I bet you can think of someone this would make a OOAK gift for this years Christmas.  I have attached a pdf. of the flatware and tags so have fun!

Step One: Print flatware and tags on cardstock and cut out.

Step Two: Apply glitter to unshaded areas.

Step Three: Cut out tags and apply glitter glue to the edges and let dry.

Step Four: Poke a hole in the top of each tag and attach them with cord to the flatware.

Step Five:  Use hot glue to attach the flatware.  I start in the middle with the knife so they are spaced correctly.

Step Six:  Make it swirl-licious!!!!



Click and Print:

collage silverware

bless familly tags


Free Printables for Easy Art




Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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