Naughty & Nice Fascinator Headbands



naughty feature

I am trying to think of fun ways to use up about 3 dozen plastic headbands!  So I made some cute fascinator headbands:  “NAUGHTY” & “NICE”.  These came together really fast and would be a great project for someone headed to a glitzy Christmas party.


I would recommend wearing “Nice” if you were attending a church party.  LOL

These came together using supplies I already had on hand:  Plastic headband, glitter, some glittery silver Dollar Tree package bows, leftover holly berry garland, feathers and pipe cleaners.

Step One: Glitter the headband and let completely dry.


Step Two:  Attach a bow.


Step Three:  Gather tulle with hot glue and add a pipe cleaner for decoration.



Step Four:  Use hot glue to attach the tulle to the back of the bow.


fascinator feature adj

I threaded some leftover holly berry garland through the bow center and wrapped it in with the pipe cleaner.  Last, I printed out a banner on cardstock and gave it a glittery edge.

Nah, I’m not “Naughty”!  I just wanted to show you how cute they turned out!

Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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