It’s National Ugly Sweater Day!

Ugly Sweater Greeting Card by Chatty Patty

I used to have a Christmas-y Ugly Sweater, only thing is back then I didn’t know it was ugly!  It was decorated with a bazillion sequins and I called it a “Christmas Sweater”.  LOL

I think the “Ugly Sweater” trend is great fun and it is really  cool when everyone shows up with a gaudy holiday sweater.  I made this greeting card with my cat loving friend Cathy in mind as a nod to this National Holiday.

When I was looking for an idea for the greeting card, I found a beer bottle holder “ugly sweater” and I used my photo shop software to dress my cat.

I couldn’t believe the fabulous  Ugly Sweater party ideas that I found on a website:



This is soooooo cute!  What a fun centerpiece for the table, I bet is tastes and yummy as it looks.



What an inviting display!



This idea is so darling, and fun!



I wish I had thought of this idea.  Balloons and disposable cups!



This is a lot of work, but really gets the attention!



Don’t forget the awards for your Ugly Sweater Contest.



You don’t have to spend a bunch of $$$ for your ugly sweater, pin on some Christmas garland and attach some small plastic ornaments.


Ugly Sweater Greeting Card by Chatty Patty

Have a happy National Ugly

Sweater Day!

Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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