Repurposed Bracelet Mixed Media


What happens when you mix curiousity and a hammer?  You turn a Goodwill bracelet into the base of a crown.  LOL


I am sort of a stickler to polishing off a collection of unexpected craft supplies.  The Goodwill container is the gift that keeps giving!  It is most fun to find something to make with the last remnants and the bracelet was a wonderful surprise when the hammer did the trick and laid nice and flat.

Jewelry Stash!


What can I say…..crowns sell!  I have a big coffee table book of vintage faces and I just remove a page,  put a crown on it and watch it sell at Sunrose Gallery.  LOL  I was happy that the bracelet was so perfect for the size of her head.  I cut some window screen into points and made hot glue swirls that were quickly doused with silver glitter while the glue was still hot and sticky.


I purchase magazines and tear out anything that is bright and colorful including flowers.  Since they are tedious to cut I often have a pile to cut out when I watch the nightly news with my husband.  I love tricking myself into working. teehee


Rather than come up with a decoration for her neck, I printed “she dreamed of spring” and attached it with a glue stick.


I can hardly wait to finish up the last of the leftovers of the Goodwill container!  I needed my order of Shrink Film to make something and it finally came.  Next time I will have some cute lapel pins to use the octopus charm and the sassy metal earrings.


Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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