Shrink Film Gets Fancy!

Be fancy feature

Have you ever gone through the Anthropologie website catalog?  I usually check it out at least once a year because it is chock full of whimsy.  I went through all 12 pages of the catalog last week and fell in love with a flamingo ornament which would never work for my crafts.



However I saved it to my pictures because it was so cute plus the words “BE FANCY” popped into my head when I saved it.  When I got my package of inkjet shrink film it dawned on me that I could use the image and shrink it to fit a piece of bowed glass a friend gave me several years ago.




Since shrink film shrinks 50% you have to print it out twice the size you want the piece to end up.  The bowed glass was 5″, so I printed the flamingo 8″.  After I cut it out and baked it in the 350 degree oven for two minutes it shrank to fit the bowed glass perfect.



It was so fun to sort through my table confetti to find a perfect combination for the flamingo to be walking through.  I used the last of the canvas boards I got at Goodwill weeks ago and painted it bright turquoise.

Be fancy feature

Since the bowed glass edges weren’t even I lined them with gold braid trim underneath so the glass would sit flush on the canvas board. Some magazine font and ribbon roses later….my flamingo is ready to rock it and….be fancy!

I used all my 6 pieces of shrink film in one day.  I am a shrink film hog. LOL  I am placing an order for several packages today @ Dick Blick.  Is there such a place as shrink film rehab?  Because I definitely have an addiction!  It is so fun to find a product that gives you the possibility to turn something on paper into a 3D object. I’m smitten!

shrink film dick blick

Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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