Repurposed Placemat Wall Hanging #3

ribbon group

What fun!  This textured placemat was on the clearance rack and it sure does add decoration and dimension to my wall.  I got it online at Pier One Imports and dressed it up with buttons and a ribbon collection I found in some cool Etsy shops.


boho wall hanging stash

The ribbon collection colors really matched my idea and making the wall hanging was more fun than it was work!


rib 2


Step One:  lay out the ribbons so you can see which ones you want to use and make a template for the heart laying the buttons around the template.

Step Two:  CAREFULLY apply a dab of hot glue in the center of each button making sure that the edges are free so you can weave the ribbons around each button. I left the heart template in the center until all the buttons were attached with a dab of hot glue.



Step Three: Simply take a piece of ribbon and weave it in and out underneath each button.  Don’t use a lot of tension, weave the ribbons so they lay flat but not tight. I used 6 different kinds of ribbon for texture and color.  Then I placed a band of complimentary ribbons at the top and the bottom attaching them with lines of hot glue.


ribbon wall hanging bottom

This placemat was a little wonky (which I didn’t notice until I attached the bottom ribbon border) so I decided to celebrate it’s asymetrical-ness with a border of wooden buttons.

ribbon wall hanging back

Step Four:  Use hot glue to attach the tassels to the back.  After all the pieces are hot glued, go over each tassel with a good dab of Mod Podge so the tassels are completely sealed and won’t fray.

Step Five: run a .25″ wood dowel into the folded tassels and use a piece of ribbon to hang the placemat.  (HINT: I used a dab of hot glue so the ribbon stays at the end and doesn’t try to move.)

The placemat is a fun canvas to start with and your imagination and the materials you have on hand can turn it into something truly OOAK!





Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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