Repurposed Purse Pouch Necklace Pendants

pouch feture


My old purses are an unexpected craft supply that is really fun to work with!


I think I will get a lot of mileage out of them, I chose the green cream and metallic purses for these little pouch purses.

Click and Print:

leather pattern

The pattern is easy to cut out with dress making scissors because the tips are really sharp.

Supplies: scrap leather, 24 gauge wire, a button, necklace chain.

Step One: Print out the pattern (click and print below)

Step Two: Cut the leather with the pattern.  HINT:  I actually used a glue stick to attach the pattern to the back of the leather to cut it out.  The pattern easily removed and left no residue.

Step Three:  Poke holes in the leather on three sides and use the end of the scissors to snip a slit on the other side.


Step Four:  Cut a 24 gauge wire 2″ long and fold it in half.  Poke the wire into the button holes and attach the button with the wire into the holes on the section opposite the slit.  Then fold in the other leather ends, poking the wire into the holes to secure each side. After the wire is holding all the sides together, use needlenose pliers to twist it into a tiny circle so it doesn’t poke you when you put your fingers in the pouch.

pouch feture

Step Five:  Attach the pouch to the necklace chain by folding the top over the chain and buttoning the top.

These necklace pendants turned out so sweet…..another jeans and t-shirt necklace!




Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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      1. I buy 99% of my purses at thrift stores and 90% of those times on a sale day lol. sometimes they are ok to donate back but when they are not its great to cut it up and give it new life in a craft

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