Dollar Store +Nail Polish Beachy Mixed Media

dollar store nail polish c

Sunrose Gallery here in Seaside, Oregon is always hoping I will make some small beach themed mixed media pieces that they can sell for under $25.  That is the ideal pricetag for our tourists!

This 5 x 7 piece was fast and easy to make with a Dollar store frame and nail polish.


white frame start

Step One: If your picture frame isn’t white,  spray paint it white.

white frame diamond glaze

Step Two:  Squirt Diamond glaze (or Mod Podge) in a haphazard way around the edges of the frame and place sea shells in the glaze.

white frame sand

Step Three: Sprinkle white sand on the glaze adding more shells to your liking.

white frame pattern

Step Four:  Print and cut out the pdf. starfish (below) or use your own pattern

white frame font

Step Five:  Tape the starfish pattern to the back of the glass and cover it with white fingernail polish.  If you wish, print out a saying and tape that to the back of the glass and use a white paint pen to write on the front of the glass.



z new_25

I tested several pieces of scrapbook paper for the background, I decided against the purple.

z new_29

I thought this would be very nautical, but it is too distracting!

dollar store nail polish c

The lavender scrapbook paper won!  Sometimes I put a black annealed wire hanger at the top, but I put the easel back on so this can sit on a shelf or mantle.

Click and Print:

white frame pattern

Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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