Tick Tock Make a Souvenir Clock

big ben feature

I like making unusual out-of-the-box clocks and made this whimsical version of Big Ben.  I used distressed Union Jack scrapbook paper and a clipart image of Big Ben that are attached to a 10 x 10 gallery wrapped canvas.

The clock only took a few minutes to make after printing the Union Jack on regular inkjet paper and Big Ben on cardstock. All you have to do is glue down the images and punch a hole in the canvas to attach the clock works!  HINT:  any craft store sells mini quartz clock movement kits for less than $10.00.

After I got Big Ben finished I had the thought if I ever get to London, I can take a good photo of Big Ben and make an actual souvenir clock.

I like to think of ways to get the photographs we take out of the smart phone gallery and “My Pictures” in the computer.  A photo of an iconic clock makes a one of a kind decoration that is fun and practical.  A lot of cities have an iconic clock that folks snap a photo of to have a memory to take home.

When I go into Astoria, Oregon I see tourists snapping a photo of the towns historic clock:

astoria clock

It would be fun to take a photo of a vintage clock like this and make a souvenir clock just wait until the minute hand is not on a number, so it will be easy to clone and heal the clock hands out of the clock face…(see below)!



When I lived in Longview, Washington I made a painting of this street clock, why not a souvenir clock?



paris clock

This ornate clock is in Paris, France.  It could be printed out and would make a stunning canvas clock.

paris clock clone and heal

If you like the idea of a souvenir clock, you will want to use photo software to “clone and heal” the clock hands off the clock face.  Cloning and healing is like magic when it removes the minute and hour hands.

I hate to nag…think of projects to get your photos out of your electronic device so you can enjoy them!  LOL





Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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