Hot Glue “Rubber Stamp” Doesn’t Get the Stamp of Approval!

Ihot glue twig stamp

Well, not all of my brainstorms work, but I sure have fun trying.  Inspiration is like a glass of champagne to me.  It makes me feel a little giddy and I can hardly wait to see if an idea will work.

springboard ideas 5

When I spied this canvas painting in a magazine the idea of making a hot glue “rubber stamp”  popped in my head.

hot glue twig stamp start

I started with the messy heart drawing and put it underneath a clear silicone mat.  I use the mat to rest my hot glue gun and it is so cool how scraps of hot glue easily peel off.

hot glue twig stamp glue

Next. I squirted lines of hot glue trying to make them as “wispy” as possible.  After the glue cooled, it was easy to lift the heart off the silicone mat in one piece.

hot glue twig stamp E6000

I mounted the heart   on a piece of white cardboard and decided to use E6000 to glue it to the cardboard because if I used hot glue that would possibly add extra width that would make the “rubber stamp”  uneven.

hot glue twig stamp disappointment


Alas, after I covered the stamp in paint, I quickly discovered my faux rubber stamp didn’t work!

But I did like the heart design on the white cardboard, so I covered it with turquoise acrylic paint and turned it into a little plaque that will probably find a home at Sunrose Gallery here in Seaside, Oregon.  Happy little plaques priced under $20.00 are a perfectly priced souvenir for our tourists!

hot glue twig stamp

After I attached the cardboard to a little canvas board with a hanger, I used some of my magazine font letters to spell out “Live Happy” which is a good piece of advice to use to get over the disappointment of my experiment failure!  LOL

Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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