Repurposed Tin Bumble Bee Necklace

tin bee necklace

One of these days someone is going to find a cute tin container and have the courage to take some wire cutters and try making something.  They will be astonished how EASY it is to cut the tin!




I got this bubble bee tin last summer and used some of the bees for a crown, I used the leftover pieces to make this sweet little springtime necklace.



The easiest way to access the bees is to used a can opener to remove the bottom to spread the tin flat.


tin bee necklace tin closeup

Step One:  Use wire cutters to rough cut the bees and scissors to cut close to the edges. Finish the edges to perfect smoothness on the back with a metal file.  Keep running your fingers over the front and back to make sure it doesn’t “catch”.

Step Two:  Use a tiny punch to make a hole in the top and bottom of the bee.

Step Three:  Attach jump rings in the holes.



tin bee necklace bead closeup

Step Four:  Make bead sections.  I used a variety of beads and love to mix gold and silver findings along with some pretty rhinestone spacers.

Step Five:  Attach the bead sections to the tin bubble bee jump rings.


tin bee necklace whole closeup

Step Six:  Attach the silver necklace chain to the necklace assemblage.  NOTE:  I purchase listings of 25 necklaces on Etsy so I can cut them for the end sections of the necklaces.  It is a cost effective and quick way to make a necklace.


tin bee necklace

This little tin necklace is ready to dress up a pretty spring outfit!

Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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