Repurposed Junk Jewelry Star Wall Art

junk jewelry star feature

I got the idea to try my hand at simulating a galvanized metal star using silver to represent the light and gold for the shadows.

junk jewelry star idea photo

Step One:  Print out a star from a Google search,  I typed in “galvanized metal star”.

junk jewelry star glitter

Step Two: cover all the edges with silver necklace chains using E6000.

Step Three:  Cover each section with glue and fill with either light silver or darker silver glitter.

junk jewelry start before glitter closeup

I used two varieties of glitter for contrast.

junk jewelry star board

Step Four:  decide what color you want your background board or canvas to be.  I whitewashed this balsa wood plaque.

junk jewelry star closeup

Step Five:  Fill each section with either silver or gold pieces of junk jewelry or buttons.  It works best to use E6000 so the pieces can be moved to fit if you work quickly (you can move the pieces around since they are small and the space you are filling is so small.)

junk jewelry star feature

To finish, I drew on a border with silver paint pen and added some plastic stars. This piece turned out very beachy and I bet it will find a new home soon because I’m listing it in my Etsy shop!


Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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