Castaway to Keeper Necklace Assemblage

toss necklace feature

This is the necklace that almost never was…. because the base of it was a flimsy inexpensive plate necklace.  I was sorting a jar of jewelry into “keepers” and “toss it” and it was in the toss pile.


goodwill feb 2019

It is more fun than a barrell of monkeys to sort through these Goodwill jars of mismatched and junk jewelry!


toss away redo start

The fact that the slice is lightweight was a plus, because it didn’t add much weight to the final makeover.

Step One:  Gather all the pieces and clean them gently in soapy water to remove all oils and dirt.


toss away remove backs

Step Two:  Use wire snippers to remove the backs on each piece.  If you have never tried removing an earring back you will be amazed how easy it comes off.


toss necklace pliers

I use these snippers (or wire cutters) and either snip off the earring back or latch on to the finding and apply torque and twist it off.  SO EASY!

toss away closeup

Step Three:  Lay out your design to see if the parts will fit and if you have enough pieces.

Step Four:  Secure each piece with a liberal dab of E6000.


toss necklace feature

I like how my necklace turned out!  To think I almost tossed the necklace.  WHEW that was a close one….teehee.



Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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