Shrink Film Greeting Card with Free Printable Typewriter

typewriter green top

When I get a brand new package of Graphix Shrink Film, it is hard not to use it all in one day because it is so fun to play with!  I like making 3D items that are OOAK because you made them yourself.  You can go to the craft store and buy stacks of JoLee stickers and self adhesive decorations but homemade is so much better in my opinion.  :  )


typewriter clipart

A typewriter is a fun theme for a greeting card and making some out of shrink film is easily done.  I Google free clip art and got this image which brought back memories of my typing class in 1968.  We actually didn’t have electric typewriters that year.  I had a hard time adapting to the IBM electric ones the next year, I was constantly holding down the keys too long and typing extra aaaaaaaaaaaaaa’s.




Anything you print on shrink film is going to shrink to 50% less than it started.  I fill up the page with two  5″ typewriters.  After printing, cut out both images close to the lines.  Place the typewriters on parchment paper or a vellum lined cookie sheet in a 350 degree oven for about 1 minute until they shrink.  WATCH IT shrink and remove immediately.  Sometimes I will flatten the shrink film object with a spatula if it is not completely flat.

typewriter green

After it cools, use a felt pen to color the typewriter body.


typewriter words

Next, print out sentiments on card stock paper about 1″ wide, this will be perfect for the message popping out of the typewriter.

typewriter green top

I used a clip art window and lamp that I cut out.  A pretty piece of scrapbook paper made a “tablecloth” that was attached with gluestick.  I think the little shrink film typewriter adds so much to this homemade greeting card.

typewriter card top

I made my Mom’s birthday card with the other typewriter and made a cute little vellum garland with triangles of vellum colored with felt pens attached with hot glue to bakers twine.  EASY!




I hope you have fun making some shrink film typewriters!

Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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