Free Shells Make A Pretty Lavender Wreath


purple clam shell wreath

All I have to do is walk 2 blocks to Seaside’s “estuary beach”  where the Necanicum River and the Pacific Ocean meet.  If we ever have a tsunami, our house will be underwater for certain because we have two bodies of water within 2 blocks.  YIKES!  This species of clam is “purple varnish” and the beach is literally covered in them.

purple clam shell

They are so pretty on the inside and not one of them is exactly alike.

purple varnish clam shells front inside

They are not as pretty on the outside!  I have always wondered if I could make a wreath with them, I imagined it would be so fresh and dainty with the lavender and purple accents of the inside of the shells.

purple start

STEP ONE: Use lavender spray paint to give a good coat to cover the metal wreath form.

STEP TWO:  Use a silver felt pen to cover the brown edges of the shells with a fresh coat of silver (or gold) around each edge.

purple flowers

I found these pretty lavender flowers and purchased them at Michael’s for $2.99 less 40% off!

purple clam shell wreath

STEP THREE:  Use hot glue to attach the shells to the wreath form.

STEP FOUR:  Use hot glue to attach a flower to each shell to cover the hinge.

clam shell wreath back

STEP FIVE:  Use hot glue and paper to secure the shells in the back.  NOTE:  shells love hot glue…it is hard to remove from the shells.

purple clam shell wreath

This wreath turned out exactly as I hoped!  It is perfect for a shabby chic beach cottage in any room of the house.


Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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