New Favorite ArtEmboss Heart Pendant Necklaces

new favorite heart craft

My accidental purchase of a collage sheet of artsy hearts lead to discovering a new jewelry product I am really excited about making.  ArtEmboss is a cool metal “foil” I purchase from Dick Blick Art Supplies.  I buy the medium weight which is easy to cut and is fun to emboss with a pencil.  The ArtEmboss is the perfect weight to be the backing for some fun heart pendants.


frida1x1sqHEART for link

I purchased the sheet of hearts from Etsy.

favorite new hearts start

Step One:  Use a good glue stick like Elmer’s MORE… that sticks to metal and attach to medium weight ArtEmboss Copper.

Step Two:  Cut out the heart and apply a layer of Diamond Glaze making sure there are no air bubbles.  (I don’t make the layer of Diamond Glaze super thick, just a nice even layer I smooth across the surface with my fingers.)

Step Three:  After the diamond glaze is completely dry (not tacky) punch tiny holes for jewelry findings and use a pencil to emboss the back.

new favorite heart craft

These heart pendants went together so FAST!  They are so fun and colorful and I can hardly wait to see how fast they sell  :  )




favorite artisan

After I made my first necklace/earring set I got inspired to dream up a hangtag to sell a set.  I love serendipity….I accidently ordered the sheet of hearts and stumbled on a fun and easy way to make some artsy necklaces.

Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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