Driftwood Wall Hanging Featuring Frog Beads


frog feature for blog

I had so much fun spending an hour making this OOAK branch wall hanging featuring two bone beads in the shape of whimsical frogs.  I love mixing metals so I used 20 gauge gold colored wire to start the project and finished with 16 gauge copper wire to add contrast and make the loops for the hanger.


frog fun info

Step One: Wrap 20 gauge wire around the limb to provide a way to thread on chain and bead strands with loops.

Step Two:  Slide lengths of chain  around the wire (see photo above) so the pieces have a place to hang down.

Step Three:  Attach little bead strands to the chain.


frog fun top loops

The 16 gauge copper wire is easy to make tight and doesn’t “unwind” like the 20 gauge wire.


frog fun top closeup

I wrapped the copper wire very tight and used needlenose pliers to make hanger loops.

frog fun beads for blog

After the bead strand sections were attached, I added decorative charms to each bottom for more interest.

frog fun feature for blog

Ta dah!  This project only took an hour!  It looks cool hanging in a window but works good on a wall too!

frog feature for blog

Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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