Free Printable Scripture Dolls Tutorial

scripture dolls feature

I had so much fun making  little “Scripture Dolls”!  They make a sweet little gift and can hang just about anywhere with an encouraging verse to lift your spirits.


scripture dolls start

These are the supplies I used: print out of doll bodies, print out of faces and wings, a piece of light print scrapbook paper, some cardboard (a cereal box works!), wire, and glass gems.

scripture dolls paper

I made the scripture doll bodies on white paper.  Download the body pdf, but when you print it out, use lightly printed scrapbook paper.



scripture dolls assembly 1

Step One:  cut out a body and wings and attach the wings.


scripture dolls assembly 2

Step Two: Use glue stick to attach the body to cardboard and cut out.

scripture dolls assembly 3

Step Three:  Cut out leaving some card board exposed for decoration on the bottom.


scripture dolls assembly 4

Step Four: Use a glob of hot glue to attach the glass gem to the face.  Let cool and cut out.


scripture dolls assembly decorate

Step Five:  Decorate the bottom with ribbon and glitter glue.  Attach the head with hot glue and decorate with a flower or ribbon rose. Decorate the wings with glitter glue.


scripture dolls assembly 5

Step Six: Cut a wire 8 inches long.


scripture dolls assembly back

Step Seven:  After the glitter glue is dry, punch holes with a thumb tack and thread the wire hanger, curling the ends.

scripture doll set


I made up a bunch of these for my Etsy shop. Aren’t these little dolls so cute and inspirational?



verse doll sheet photo for pdf



verse angel set photo for pdf






Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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