Repurposed Inspiration: Broken Barometer “The Oldest Love Story”

stars and the sea barometer feature

This barometer with a bent section was in the FREE box at a garage sale last summer!  Since the phrase “The greatest love story is between the sky and the sea.” has been a good seller at Sunrose Gallery, I decided to give the broken barometer a makeover using that theme.

stars and the sea barometer 2

I purchased “celestial” scrapbooking paper from Etsy a few years ago so I printed a 5″ section of it.


stars and the sea baromete 3

I cut out a circle of it with a slit on the side so the paper would be able to conform to the convex shape of the glass.


stars and the sea barometer 4

I used Mod Podge on the glass and applied pressure to seal the paper to the glass after trimming the paper to fit exactly.  Next, I printed out the phrase and attached it with glue stick.


stars and the sea barometer feature

Finally, I used Ranger’s brand “Stickles” glitter glue to brighten all the gold elements of the celestial sky.

This barometer makeover is perfect for ecelctic beachy cottage decor.  It is small enough to tuck into a grouping or lean on the mantle.

Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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