Repurposed Inspiration: Dainty Necklace Assemblage

new necklace feature

Mom decided to clean out her jewelry box and I was the lucky recipient of some of her vintage jewelry!  Thanks MOM!  I used three pieces…two necklaces and a really cool vintage Trifari Pansy brooch.  I love making these necklace mixed media pieces…they make unusual one of a kind decor.


new necklace back info

This piece was easy to attach the necklace pieces to the canvas.

Step One:  Us thin wire (24 gauge) and thread it into the necklace chain pieces.

Step Two: Twist the wire so the pieces are trapped.

Step Three: poke a small hole in the canvas and use hot glue and a piece of paper to hold the necklace chain in place.

Step Four: Repeat on the other side of the neck.



new necklace closeup

After the necklace was attached, it was fun to decorate the rest of the piece to give the illusion of a pretty top.

necklaces at Sunrose

Last ArtWalk at Sunrose Gallery here in Seaside a gal purchased three of the “necklace assemblages” I had made!  YAY!


Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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