Freebie Friday: Free Printable Greeting Card

cavallini pencil greeting card feature

Sometimes the best thing to say is the truth!  LOL  If you are a letter writer this greeting card is just for you…. if you are the one who owes the letter.

It is a rare occasion to find some snail mail in my mailbox that isn’t a bill.  I imagine if I took the time to actually write one of my friends, they would write me back!  Haha.  Nowadays it’s text or emails that are not as exciting or fun to receive as a colorful envelope with a cheerful greeting card inside.

A friend who is a local store owner gave me a catalog for paper products such as cards or calendars and I harvested this photo for the focal point.  I added several layers of washi tape to finish it.


cavallini pencil greeting card photo for

Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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