Easy Sand Dollar Art Inspiration

feel like a million dollars mixed media

When you live at the beach in Oregon and have stuff to sell in a local gallery, (Sunrose Gallery) it’s a good idea to make beachy art.  Things I have made for Sunrose with this phrase has been popular this year.

I was sorting through boxes and found this sand dollar in perfect shape so the idea was born.  I love turquoise, it never gets boring to use as the base.

Step One: Use a ruler to draw lines with a gold jelly pen for a border.

Step Two: Spread Mod Podge along the bottom border and immediately spread white sand.  Let dry and then squirt some hot glue on the sand and cover immediately with more sand to give some dimension.

Step Three:  Use hot glue to attach the sand dollar to the canvas and attach small starfish in each corner.

Step Four:  Cut out magazine font to spell the beachy saying.  My NEW favorite glue to attach the font letters is Zip Dry.  It is similar to rubber cement but has a neat little nozzle to squeeze just the right amount of glue on.  It is positionable for a few seconds and if any extra squeezes out of the letter, you can rub it off like rubber cement when it dries and you never know it was there!

Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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