Freebie Friday: Free Printable Junk Mail Greeting Card

desired as cake 2

I collected this whimsical kale themed sentiment several years ago and when I got a piece of junk mail with a yummy looking cake on it in the mailbox, it was time for a card to be born!  I love cake and kale…but kale doesn’t like me.  It upsets my digestive tract…so I only eat it occasionally when someone serves it at dinner.


desired start 1

I always save pretty paper so when my friend gave me a book in a nice lavender cardstock sleeve I tucked it into my “pretty paper pile”. When State Farm sent this piece of junk mail with a tasty looking cake I thought it would pair nicely with the lavender background.  MMMM.

desired start 2

Step One:  Cut the base paper to 5 x 7 and add a cake image.

desired as cake ready to scan

Step Two: Scan the two images into the computer.

desired as cake 2

Step Three:  Use your photo software to add text to the image.  It took more time than usual to add the text because I had to experiment with font size.

Altogether this was a very satisfying project!  I went to the mailbox, got inspiration, and had a new greeting card within one hour.  Thanks State Farm :  )



desidre as cake photo for pdfdesidre as cake photo for pdf.jpg


Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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