Merry Mermaids Day Five

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe week of mermaids is winding down!  If you are not a mermaid lover, you might be getting weary of them, but hold on, just one more day.  This is another 10 x 10 gallery wrapped canvas painted in softest mint green with another mermaid clip art image. I don’t remember which Etsy shop I purchased this image from, but it is an easy image to find and purchase.  I LOVE this saying… Continue reading

Merry Mermaids Day Four

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis little mermaid is fancy schmancy gazing at the glittery sea, the dolphin is probably saying “Come play with me!” Looks like it is a pretty romantic day at the sea.  Romance SELLS, so if romance is what my customer wants, that is what they will get. LOL. Continue reading

Merry Mermaids Day Three


Quirky stuff sells! Like these FAMOUS mermaids because my customer is a little sassy and  whimsical.  I used to be in a cool studio space in Astoria, Oregon and shared the space with 4 other artists, some who were dedicated oil painters.  I got used to some of them rolling their eyes when they walked past my area.  To tease them,  I decorated a big poster board that said, “What part of whimsical don’t you understand.” Guess they were missing the whimsy gene? LOL Continue reading

Merry Mermaids Day Two


Folks who collect mermaids are always on the look out for something new and whimsical too.  That keeps me fresh and dreaming up the unexpected.  I love 10 x 10 gallery wrapped canvases.  It is a good size to fill with a collage, it is a good size to fit on someone’s wall. Plus mermaid art sells!  YAY! Continue reading

Today’s Haul!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI went to three garage sales today and raked it in!  The prices were FABULOUS and I even got the courage up to ask for a bargain on the doilies.  YAY!  When I find such cool stuff, I get a little tipsy with inspiration and I can hardly wait to start on my ideas. Continue reading

Fruit of a Different Kind

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI remember memorizing the “Fruit of the Spirit” scripture for a Sunday School contest.  The prize was a bracelet that I still have 56 years later!  Since I have a new metal stamping kit I have been dreaming up projects to play with it.  I got the idea to make a pear shape and cut bands with the words on each section. Continue reading

One Frame at a Time

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI fill a lot of dollar store frames with “souvenir” themes.  Sunrose sprinkles them around their gallery and since they are reasonably priced…..they sell! I break the framing rules because the paper background is the only part that is under the glass. Continue reading